How To Get Youtube Views For My Video?- Promo Store Tips

How to get youtube views for your video? It is the biggest question you get after you make a video and publish it in your youtube channel. So, you want to trend in youtube or at least get good number of views but do not know how to do it is not it? Your titles are awesome and catchy, you have given perfect tags, your video is hilarious and you have promoted like crazy in facebook and twitter and many other social media platform too! Still you have not got the views you expected? Well, it is no rocket science but if you put your energy in right way you can reach your target but remember one thing Rome was not built in a day. There is no foolproof method to make your video viral overnight. There are few tips by Promo Store to follow to get more youtube videos for your video.

Social Media

People do a lot of sharing in facebook and twitter now a days but they forget to target which groups to target and what time you should publish the video. In facebook and twitter up to which you have not made it big you should target the prime time of the country for which you are publishing the video. In facebook, generally people share their videos to many groups but they still worry why they are not getting any views. The simple reason is if you are publishing a video related to Barack Obama and share it in a group where fans of Justin Bieber are present you can’t get the expected views. So, what we require in social media is simple smart work rather than hard work. It is not a rocket science but simple work.

Videos with annotations

You see those text bubbles popping up on youtube videos that says things like “Subscribe!” or “Thumbs Up!”? Those are known as youtube annotations. That ensures that you get your viewers to subscribe to your amazing videos and come back again and again when you publish new videos. This ensure at least some viewers without sharing the videos a lot..


Many youtubers do not realise that playlists are the best way to increase viewers for their videos. The best thing is that they also come separately when you search them. Additionally, as the videos in playlist come continuously without stopping increases views for each videos and also increases the views acroos your channel. It means if you share for one youtube video you get your viewers to watch other videos too along with it. You can embed the whole playlist to your blog.

Embedding videos to your blog

Having an awesome blog? Then why not drive some of your blog’s traffic to your youtube channel and get your channel up and running? So embed your videos to your blog with the articles related to it and get your blog’s fans to youtube and let them be the fan of your awesome videos!
These 4 are basics yet most important tips everyone starting youtube channel should follow to get more organic and regular views.

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